Intellectual Property Law

  • Actions for Infringement of Industrial Property Rights.
  • Actions for Copyright Infringement.
  • Process of oppositions and defense of applications for the registration of Trademarks, Commercial Law, Teach, Commercial Name, Patents, Industrial Designs and Utility Models.
  • Presentation and Answer of Trademark Cancellation Actions.
  • Presentation of Resources in Vía Gubernativa.
  • Direct Revocation Requests.
  • Nullity Actions against Administrative Acts issued by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce before the State Council.
  • Domain Name Processes.
  • Disputes related to Social Networks, Electronic Commerce, Web Pages and New Technologies.
  • Health Registry Actions.

Unfair Competition

  • Jurisdictional processes by acts of unfair competition.
  • Precautionary measures.

Consumer protection

  • Complaints, demands and defense of Consumer Protection.

Commercial Law

  • Litigation arising from breach of Contracts.
  • Executive processes.
  • Penalty and Judicial Proceedings before the Superintendence of Companies.

Labor Law

  • Comprehensive assistance and support in labor procedures before the local jurisdiction.

Insurance Law

  • Representation in processes.
  • Defense before supervisory entities.
  • Representation, denunciation or defense before administrative or jurisdictional authorities.

Administrative Law

  • Application for annulment and appeals before the State Council.

Criminal law

  • Criminal Actions for Violation of Intellectual Property Rights and Usurpation of Trademarks and Patents.
  • Criminal actions for Crimes against Economic Patrimony, Falsehoods, Computer Crimes, piracy and fraud of various kinds in the business sector.

Corporate Insolvency Regime

  • Insolvency Process and Judicial Liquidation Processes of a Non-Merchant Natural Person.


Insolvency Process of Non-Merchant Natural Person and Judicial Liquidation Processes

Business Reorganization Processes

  • Study of the cases of admissibility.
  • Structuring of the Admission Application before the Superintendency of Companies.
  • Comprehensive advice during the Reorganization process.

Structuring of the Reorganization Agreement in Judicial Liquidation Processes

  • Structuring of the Opening Request Process before the Superintendence of Companies.
  • Comprehensive advice during the Liquidation Process.
  • Negotiation of Private Agreements with Creditors.
  • Legal concepts.


  • National and International tax planning.
  • General planning and family inheritance.
  • Adherence to tax benefits and amnesties.
  • Tax legal advice in the preventive analysis of commercial operations.
  • Proceedings or litigation that are carried out through government channels (DIAN or Municipal Authorities) as well as before the competent judges.


  • Direction in the employment contracting systems of companies.
  • Advice on the management of individual and collective labor relations.
  • Support and guidance in the development and implementation of strategic work plans.
  • Advice for hiring national and foreign personnel (work visas).
  • Advice for the carrying out of disciplinary procedures.
  • Advice on collective bargaining, mediation, individual and collective conciliations with former employees.
  • Internal Labor Regulations and Labor Policies.
  • Coexistence Committee (Workplace Harassment).
  • Labor Hiring in all its modalities.
  • Contracts for the provision of services.
  • Hiring of Apprentices and Students in Internship.
  • Termination of Labor Contracts.
  • Permanent Labor Advisors.
  • Representation and defense of employers before the Ministry of Labor and before the local Jurisdiction.
  • Legal Concepts in Labor Law.


  • Advice on requirements and investigations of the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce.
  • Advice on the adoption of administrative orders in the framework of investigations for violations of the Personal Data Protection Regime.
  • Preparation of contracts and agreements for the transmission of personal data.
  • Advice on the registration of databases.
  • Structuring and application of the own regulation of privacy and protection of personal data to commercial initiatives.
  • Attention to general inquiries related to privacy.
  • Structuring of terms and conditions of web applications.
  • Preparation of general documents for the implementation of personal data regulation.


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